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P2M has over 20 years experience in southeastern Michigan delivering effective planning and management services for our clients.

Project Planning Services

Services occurring before the implementation of any facility design or construction. They are designed to increase flexibility and reduce risk and capital costs.


P2M understands your building project is being considered for one purpose only and that is to support business goals. Facilities help or hinder business plan objectives from being achieved and buildings that are too small, too large, in the wrong location or obsolete can adversely affect competitiveness.

Strategic Facility Planning is a forward looking planning process that marries a flexible real estate strategy to support your organization’s business plan objectives. It will evaluate everything from leases and real estate and financial issues to operational considerations like adjacency, staff and space projections and resulting facility options.


Reducing risk on a facility project starts at a very early stage with the balancing of Scope, Quality and Cost expectations. Defining and balancing these three elements involves defining a project’s spatial, functional and technical requirements in what is called a facility program. The program is then used to develop an appropriate budget of hard construction and soft project costs, along with an overall project schedule.

Also requiring evaluation is how the building will be built for the lowest risk. This could be done using design-build, construction management or traditional design-bid-build delivery. P2M is expert in managing any these methods and will guide you through the process of laying a sound foundation of planning before you implement the project.


Project risks and costs are either reduced or increased depending on your agreement. Whether you are signing a lease that includes construction for Tenant Improvements (TI) or preparing a construction agreement as an owner or tenant, the language in your agreement must protect you. 

In preparing and reviewing agreements, P2M knows what language to accept, reject and modify. We also know how to interpret the specifications, allowances and scope of work described by a landlord or contractor and can identify the risks in their proposed language. This is critical as your ability to negotiate change orders will be defined right here.

We are experienced in modifying American Institute of Architects (AIA), Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) “ConsensusDocs” or other industry agreements to better protect your interests.

Project Management Services

Services related to the project management of renovation, expansion or new design and construction projects where P2M serves as an owner or tenant representative.


As an Owner or Tenant Representative, P2M serves as an extension of your company in a project management capacity during the design and construction phases of a project. We are expert in writing competitive requests for proposals (RFP’s) for architects, contractors and developers and then managing the selection process, along with writing design and construction agreements that will be fair but still protect your interests.

We handle the project details so you can focus on your core business. P2M manages adherence to  project schedule and budget including reviewing and negotiating change orders on your behalf. We manage the project team and resolution of project issues that come up in construction. We know how the design and construction industry works and help you avoid the pitfalls of a project lacking experienced project management.

steel erection for a commercial office building


No other vendor selection impacts interior design and employee productivity more than furniture. For over 20 years P2M has been on the leading edge of alternative office planning concepts guiding our clients on how to get the benefits of collaborative and flexible office furniture for the lowest cost.

P2M has project experience with leading manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, AllSteel, Knoll and Teknion. We develop competitive RFP’s for new furniture achieving very aggressive discounts,  to RFP’s for reusing and reconfiguring existing furniture assets. P2M then manages the furniture dealer and related tasks to achieve an integrated design and installation. Our services help you achieve your company’s image, budget and workplace performance goals and achieve them for less. 


A successful move has to be treated like a project by itself whose tasks are then carefully integrated with the planning, design, and construction phases of the facility project.  Successful relocation planning and management takes time, details and experience.

P2M develops RFP’s and manages the bid and award process for the commercial mover and rigger (if heavy equipment is to be moved). We identify and review the tasks and timing of other client and project team members such as design, construction, IT/voice and data and furniture installation, then merge this data and other pertinent information that could impact occupancy scheduling into the master relocation project schedule.

From working with your internal departments to on-site project management the day of the move, P2M works to make your relocation transparent to your customers and enjoyable to your staff. 

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